Colony Square Redevelopment + Updates
This experience-driven food hall anchoring 14th and Peachtree Streets, the highest density corner in the Southeast, Main & Main is curated by chefs for chefs. Its design is optimized for exceptional event programming and activations that will create an energy curve from noon to night at the heart of Midtown Atlanta.

A comedian cracking jokes under the stars.

A guitarist strumming original compositions.

Local chefs demonstrating this season's hottest recipes.

These are just a few of the experiences coming to Colony Square's new food hall, Main & Main. Anchoring 14th and Peachtree Streets, the highest density corner in the Southeast, Main & Main is curated by chefs for chefs, and its design is optimized for exceptional event programming and activations that will create an energy curve from noon-to-night at the heart of Midtown Atlanta.

"Since its inception nearly 50 years ago as the first mixed-use project in the Southeast, Colony Square has changed hands from one developer to the next, and they all treated it like an office project," said Mark Toro, managing partner at North American Properties, Colony Square's developer. As a result, the mixed-use destination devolved while the rest of Midtown exploded with growth. It's time for Colony Square to re-emerge as a pioneer in the evolution of mixed-use development. We will redevelop its two insular office towers and antiquated food court to become the Midtown community's go-to dining and entertainment destination, an urban gathering place that engages and energizes the street level and invites people into an immersive, sensory experience.

North American Properties and its world-class team of ExperienceMakers[TM], including Main & Main's chef curator, restaurateur Steve Palmer, have journeyed around the country on a design discovery tour to learn from more than 20 world-class food hall concepts (full list below). North American Properties and Palmer, known in Atlanta for the Westside's O-Ku, and Avalon's Oak Steakhouse and Colletta, will continue to work together along with other best-in-class local chefs to curate an authentic, distinctive food hall experience for Midtown.

What is unique about Colony Square's food hall?

Programming: Food is the star, and event programming is the co-star. Main & Main will leverage 28,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor space and a dynamic staging area designed for a variety of event programming. Entertainment can face outward toward an open-air gathering space, or inward towards the food hall. This area will host Colony Square's more than 200 signature and seasonal events. Main & Main will also feature a smaller, flexible event space and stage to host more intimate events inside. Known for its award-winning approach to ExperienceMaking, North American Properties' curated events will attract thousands of people to this gathering place, creating a new living room for Midtown.

Design: Main & Main's design fosters flexibility for each operator to express ultimate culinary creativity. The food hall is curated by chefs for chefs, ensuring a seamless cooking and dining experience from back to front of house. Main & Main will also be designed to offer "Instagram-worthy" backdrops that encourage guests to share their culinary creations with the world. The food hall will embrace a mid-century modern design, a nod to Colony Square's inception in the 1960s. Renowned restaurant designer and architect, David Thompson, is leading the design.

The Grove: A new green space, The Grove will embrace its 80-foot trees and be the spot for the community to gather and soak up Midtown's vibe. Outfitted and activated with soft seating, Spanish steps, a beer garden and plenty of shade, The Grove will serve as the gateway to Main & Main, creating energy along the 14th Street corridor at the pinnacle of Midtown's Juniper Street Streetscape Project.

Energy Curve: Main & Main will draw people of all ages and stages from noon to night. The most successful food halls create an energy curve by offering savory brunch, lunch and dinner options, as well as a vibrant bar scene. Main & Main will feature approximately 12-15 culinary concepts with diverse menu offerings, as well as complementary concepts such as flower, chocolate and pastry pop-ups and an incubator space to host non-profits like City of Refuge's 180 Degree Kitchen.

Iconic Location: Since its inception in 1968, Colony Square established its position as Midtown's original dining destination: a place where coworkers, friends, and families have gathered for the last half century at restaurants like The Pleasant Peasant and Country Place. Today, Midtown's 1.2 square mile district houses 15.5 million square feet of Class A office space, 65,000 employees, and 12,000 more to come, and 6.1 million annual visitors. With more than 15,000 residents and an additional 8,000 homes under construction, Midtown's population is set to double and has grown 5 times faster than the City of Atlanta. In a recent survey by Midtown Alliance, 73 percent of respondents (who eat out an average of 4.2 times per week) want more restaurants in Midtown, especially local and ethnic concepts. Colony Square will become the locally inspired, arts-infused dining and entertainment destination that sparks with energy and provides the diversity of experiences Midtown craves.

With plans to break ground this fall, North American Properties is congregating 160,000 square feet of restaurants, retail, entertainment and fitness concepts that will become the Midtown community's "third place", the social place outside of their homes (first place) and offices (second place). The first phase of development will open in 2018. During the redevelopment process, North American Properties is hosting several initiatives to bring inspired food activations, pop up experiences and events to Colony Square, including food trucks to continue to engage with the community and incubate chef-driven concepts.

Food Halls on the Design Discovery Tour:

When I envision the reimagined Colony Square, I see...