Creative HiVE Artists
Below is a summary of each of the artists participating at the #HambidgeHiVECS. The artists move into their spaces immediately and begin public interactions April 1- June 3, 2017.

HiVE Space #1. Queen of the Field
Artist:  Zipporah Thompson
Contact: |

A multifaceted project in which collaborative collections of small found fragments from fields, roadsides, city streets, and overcrowded homes, will be transformed and manipulated through a variety of techniques, paired with naturally dyed fibers and weaving processes, in an effort to explore personal histories and collective experiences. 

HiVE Space #2. Hive Mind Arise
Artists: Charlie Watts, Emma Alley, Kelly Blackmon, MaryGrace Phillips, Jared Kelly, Erin Palovick, Flight of Swallows, + invited artists

Through workshops, meditations, yoga classes, and creative interactive installations including dance, sound, and painting, Hive Mind Arise seeks to activate positive social change through an emphasis on meditation and self-care.

HiVE Space #3. You are Welcome, You’re Welcome 
Artists: Erica Jamison and Sarah Nathaniel

MINT Gallery artists: Jessica CaldasDanielle DeadwylerShae EdmanNatalie EscobarJane FoleyKaye Lee PattonLauren PetersonAmanda Grae PlatnerHasani Sahlele and Terp Vairin  
Contact: |

Taking over a former doctor’s office, MINT Gallery will curate artists to each create a room installation using light as their primary medium, culminating in an installation of a slowly shifting spectrum of light, bathing the space in an otherworldly glow. This newly transformed ‘artist’s office’ will keep office hours with performances, interactive works, collaborative pieces, and ‘artist’s visits’ offered to the public.   


HiVE Space #4. The Untamed Parlor
Artists: Matt Haffner, Laura Bell
Contact: | | |

Beginning as an orderly Victorian-style sitting parlor, The Untamed Parlor will slowly be invaded by wild things, giving way to disarray and the unexpected as the artists cultivate an infiltration of nature into an urban world.

HiVE Space: #5. Studio 515
Artists:  Bojana Ginn, Brian Ginn
Contact: |

Creating immersive installations of light, fiber and sound, the Ginns embrace technology in their work. In addition to the creation of site specific work, they will conduct open studio visits in which the public will experiment with video projection technology, and host collaborative improvisational sound performances.

HiVE Space #6. The Rivalry of Your Elements
Artists:  Katie Troisi, Olivia Rado
Contact: |

In an ongoing performance and installation that focuses on a life philosophy supported by the raw elements of air, water, fire, and earth, the artists will use potter’s wheels to create vessels from 1,000 pounds of locally sourced black and white clay. When a vessel is complete, it is to be smashed by the artist into a pile in the center of the room. The public will be invited to create vessels and contribute to the clay pile by using the same process. 


HiVE Space #7. Midtown Players Club
Artists: Kris Pilcher, Elizabeth Jarrett, Miranda Kyle, Priscilla Smith + invited artists
Contact: |

Including rotating gallery shows, performance art exhibitions, music, immersive theatre, workshops, and discussions, the Midtown Player’s Club will transform a former gym into a gathering and incubation space for numerous young and mid-career artists, activists, and entrepreneurs to explore their craft and share their experiments and results. Each day will manifest a new experience in which the public is invited to participate.

HiVE Space #8. Breath of the Compassionate
Artists:  Erin Sledd, Ahsan Bari, Shannon Frye, Will Griffin, Amir S. Hamer, Michael Garvey & Evan Carter

In a playful, yet reverent {re}cycling of creation, all artwork in this project originates in and then departs from the classic Breath of the Compassionate pattern in Islamic sacred geometry. The artists will transform their space with rotating installations, including a deconstructed Islamic Garden, light and shadow projections and an evolving musical composition by prominent Pakistani musician Ahsan Bari. They will offer multiple opportunities for the public to participating in creating artwork, including workshops for adults and children, including embroidery, miniature painting, and mosaic paper lanterns. 

HiVE Space #9. FREE ART!
Artist: Forest McMullin
Contact: |

Forest McMullin will take photographs of overlooked spaces in Colony Square, portraits of visitors, and the transformations wrought by the Creative Hive artists. He will then post the photos outside his space and encourage everyone to take a print with them.


HiVE Space #10. World Wide Art Federation
Artists: Fabian Williams, Kimberly Binns, Horace Williams, Grace Kisa and Maurice Evans

Taking a cue from the theatrical performances of the wrestling word, this group will hold World Wide Art Federation Art Battles. Live figure-drawing competitions, the battles are promoted by artists trash talking each other as their costumed alter egos. A crowd member is chosen to be the subject, and the battle commences. Afterward, the audience judges the winner. The WWAF was developed to bring attention to the multiple dimensions of the fine artists’ personae and abilities. Its mission is to inspire all art patrons, giving them an unforgettable interactive, multimedia experience through creative competition and performance, setting the standard for a new and exciting art viewing experience. 


HiVE Space #11. Fly On A Wall
Artists: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Jesse Tyler
Contact: |

Embracing experiments with technology and structures within dance, Fly On A Wall will concentrate on two main projects: Hz, centered around binaural beats and the states of mind these frequencies inspire; and Prism 2, featuring a platform suspended by harp strings, which both supports the movement of the dancers and is played as a gigantic instrument. Dance and movement classes will also be offered to the public.    

HiVE Space #12. Scenes
Artist: Dorothy O'Connor
Contact: |

A fantastical, life-sized living room scene, constructed and transformed over a three-month period, culminating with tableaus featuring a live model and a flying flock of paper red-winged blackbirds.